Vertical Choice offers sales brokerage and consulting services to farmers with controlled environment agricultural systems. Founded by Jay Kallu , a former Sysco sales executive, Vertical Choice partners with local growers to bring their product to market while supporting them with farming and branding expertise required to accelerate growth.


Food distributors & retail grocers send purchase order to Vertical Choice


Vertical Choice assigns order to a Farmer Partner based on region, volumes items ordered


Farmer Partner packages produce under “NEIGHBRHD” brand & delivers order to food distributors


Farmer Partner invoices Vertical Choice for the product delivered


Vertical Choice invoices food distributors & retail grocers for orders Paymentless sales commissions is remitted to Farmer Partner


Jay Kallu

Chief Executive Officer of Vertical Choice

Jay has 25 years in the produce commodities category working for private and public companies including Sysco, Cubic Farms, Fresh Ideas, and Fresh Sales Alliance in Canada, the United States, and Europe. While at Sysco, Jay was responsible for selling over C$150M of fresh produce yearly. Most recently, Jay headed Cubic Farms Garden, a consultancy for controlled environment agriculture, where he helped the company’s farmer partners establish programs and relationships with food service distributors in North America.

Andy Eustis

Chief Revenue Officer of Vertical Choice

Andy has 30 years of experience in sales and revenue generation. Most recently, Andy worked as VP of Sales and Operations at CubicFarms, where he was responsible for managing accounts of large retailers and distributors. His strong background in sales and relationships with leading food distributors make him a great fit for advising farmers that are looking to scale their operations.

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